Exclusive – Newly Declassified US Report Reveals New 1975 Dorset Germ Warfare Tests.

•January 28, 2010 • Leave a Comment

After many years of campaigning, The Night Ferry has finally persuaded the US Army to declassify, and release into the public domain, a US Army scientific report, entitled:  Technical Report ARCSL-TR-77033 US/UK Collaborative Tests of Biological Detection Devices Vol. III.

The title might sound innocent enough to most people, but for those who lived in the South Dorset area during the Cold War the phrase ‘US/UK Collaborative tests of Biological Detection Devices’ is enough to set the alarm bells ringing. Past experience has made them only too aware that any test of a US/UK Biological Detection Device will have probably necessitated the release of massive bacterial aerosols over South Dorset and the surrounding countryside –  the contents of which were repeatedly inhaled and digested by unwitting Dorset residents.

Examination of the newly declassified US Army report reveals that a series of joint UK/US Biological Warfare detection experiments were held in Dorset during 1975 – under the codename: DICE.

It is very important to understand that, for reasons known only to themselves, these 1975 DICE experiments were not submitted for inspection by the Ministry of Defence for inclusion in the MOD commissioned – Independent Review of the Possible Health Hazards of the Large – Scale Release of Bacteria During the Dorset Defence Trials – conducted by Prof. Brian Spratt FRS in 1999.